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Chapin Intellectual Property Law is experienced and efficient at developing strategies for identifying, establishing, protecting, preserving, enforcing and licensing our client's Intellectual Property rights. The professional staff in the Firm are very approachable and spend the time with the client to be certain they are informed and comfortable with the scope of work that is planned and proposed and that all possible options have been considered. We are candid and straight talking with our clients about different approaches that may be taken and possible outcomes and costs of each. Since many areas of Intellectual Property law are highly transactional in nature, such as obtaining a patent on an invention, filing a trademark, and so forth, our experience allows us to provide upfront cost quotes on tasks to be performed. We rarely deviate from amounts quoted and clients often find that our firm is able to produce excellent quality results that rival or exceed those of much larger firms, but at substantial savings.

Listed below are high-level descriptions of various services Chapin Intellectual Property Law provides on behalf of clients. This list is not intended to be a full and complete list of such services, nor are the specific services listed fully described.


Patents protect new and useful creations of our clients. Patent Applicaions are written documents that include text and figures that describe and "claim" an invention. Patent applications are drafted and filed in a Patent Office (in the U.S. or in a Foreign jurisdiction) to cover such things as methods (e.g. Methods of processing data for software-related inventions), data structures, physical apparatus and/or objects (e.g. a circuit, an instrument, medical device, mechanical system or computerized device configured to process data in a unique manner), systems (e.g. a combination of different entities interoperating with each other, such as in a computer network or system), chemical compounds, and even business methods. There are different types of patent applications, including utitlity, provisional and design patent applicaitons. Please contact us to learn more about the benefits and uses of each type.

We prepare and prosecute U.S. and foreign patent applications that seek broad patent protection on a wide spectrum of technologies, including software, computer networks, computer hardware and architecture, telecommunications, electrical and electronic components, medical devices and instrumentation, digital and analog circuitry, Internet technologies and business methods, chemical compounds, physics and material science related inventions, as well as many other technology areas.

Our professional staff is composed of numerous experienced registered patent practitioners with advanced technical skills, work experience and excellent academic credentials in many technology areas. All practitioners in the firm hold engineering degrees and all have significant legal experience patenting inventions in high-technology areas. We have no entry level patent professionals. Many professionals hold advanced technical degrees and have had active careers as engineers prior to entering patent law. Some have unique experiences such as having served as Corporate Patent Counsel and General Counsel to large corporations in the software, electronics and chemical fields.

Example Patent Services include:

    •     Counseling clients on general patent strategy and approaches
    •     Mining client technologies for patentable inventions
    •     Attending patent committee and engineering design meetings
    •     Preparing disclosures on inventions
    •     Patent searching and reviewing of search results
    •     Conducting invention disclosure meetings with inventors
    •     Preparing and filing of Provisional patent applications
    •     Drafting and filing of Utility patent applications in US and Foreign patent offices
    •     Preparing and filing of Design patent applications.
    •     Prosecution of patents with the goal of achieving broad patent protection
    •     Developing patent portfolio management strategies
    •     Counseling clients on patent licensing, sale and other uses of patented IP.


Clients are often required to obtain an Opinion of counsel concerning a particular Intellectual Property matter that may be of relevance to the client. As an example, if a client discovers an issued patent that appears applicable to a technology developed and sold by that client, the client may have a duty to obtain an non-infringement or invalidity opinion concerning that patent. As another example, if a client is considering design or entry into a market for a new product or technology, the client might have the Firm perform a clearance search and render a Freedom-to-Operate opinion to help that client evaluate if and how any issued patents may pose an impediment to entry into the area.

We regularly conduct patent infringement and patent validity studies and draft well-reasoned legal opinions on issues of Infringement / Non-infringement and Validity / Invalidity for patents in a wide variety of sophisticated technologies. We also evaluate technologies for patenting or development and can provide Patentability and Freedom-to-Operate opinions. Our clients benefit from our close involvement in developing strategies to identify, protect, and enforce their patent rights. We are very easy to work with and can educate clients on issues related to these matters. Note that opinion costs can vary widely and can often depend upon outcomes of initial searches and reviews of prior art and/or file histories of patents of concern. However, our efficiency, experience and reasonable billing rates often allow us to produce the required opinion at a cost that is within reason when compared with opinion costs from much larger firms.

Trademarks / Servicemarks:

Chapin Intellectual Property Law LLC works closely with client companies in developing appropriate trademark policies for the establishment and preservation of trademark rights. A trademark or servicemark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design, or combination thereof that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods or services of one party from those of others. Our experience in securing trademark rights and in related trademark matters extends to United States federal rights, individual state trademark rights and to rights in Foreign countries.

We have substantial experience in trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings in the Patent and Trademark Office, both in representing trademark owners and in representing parties seeking to oppose or cancel trademark registration of others. We also regularly engage in the resolution of trademark disputes on behalf of owners enforcing trademark rights and on behalf of parties defending against trademark assertions of others. We also have particular experience handling trademark matters involving the Internet and in successfully resolving Internet domain name disputes.

We assist clients in effective trademark development and protection strategies that can be crucial in distinguishing a company's products and services from the competition. Activities in this area include counseling clients regarding the selection of strong marks and proper usage of trademarks, conducting searches to evaluate the availability and registrability of a mark, and preparation and prosecution of trademark applications in both the U.S. Trademark Office and in foreign counterpart agencies.


Chapin Intellectual Property Law LLC provides counseling in all phases of copyright law. A copyright is a legal proprietary right to reproduce, have reproduced, publish, and sell copies of literary, musical, and other artistic works. We obtain copyright registrations, prepare agreements governing the creation and ownership of copyrightable works, the acquisition of copyright interests, and the conveyance of copyright interests. We provide counseling regarding the protection and enforcement of our clients' copyrights, as well as avoidance of copyright infringement.


Licensing allows an owner of Intellectual Property (IP) to receive revenue from the IP by granting permission for others to use rights in the IP in exchange for compensation. Chapin Intellectual Property Law understands the practical world of high technology and its commercial exploitation, and has extensive experience and expertise in the negotiation and preparation of intellectual property licenses and technological agreements. Among such agreements are: patent and know-how license agreements; software license and development agreements; agreements for the license or transfer of trademarks and copyrights; employee patent, copyright and trade secret agreements; consulting agreements; research and development agreements; joint venture agreements; and confidential disclosure agreements.

We are also experienced in Contingent Fee License agreements and have worked with clients to extract revenue from their IP portfolios on a contingent fee basis.

Due Diligence:

Due Diligence involves reviewing IP assets and/or the IP landscape and is often performed during the purchase or sale of IP assets, or when entities such as corporations that own IP assets change hands via mergers, acquisitions, and the like. Chapin Intellectual Property Law is experienced at performing various IP-related Due Diligence services for clients such as Venture Capital firms, investment banks, independent and angel inventors and other law firms that do not have IP / patent departments or IP specific skills. We review and evaluate patent portfolios, trademarks and other Intellectual Property, confirm or secure ownership, and can evaluate an IP landscape to asses risk of entry or investment. We also perform searches and advise clients regarding the relative strength and enforceability of subject patents and trademarks or other IP assets.


Chapin Intellectual Property Law, LLC is experienced in performing patent and trademark searches. We conduct searches using a variety of private databases and various Internet resources to provide comprehensive results. We have numerous relationship with professional search firms who work closely under our guidance to find prior art related to patents of interest to our clients.

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