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Dennis Fernandez
Registered Patent Attorney, 20 Years of Patent Experience
Juris Doctorate, B.S. in Electrical Engineering
Email: Dennis.Fernandez@Chapin-IP-Law.com

Dennis has over 20 years of quality experience in intellectual property and patent law. He is a highly skilled patent prosecutor and intellectual property/patent litigator. He specializes in developing carefully crafted offensive and defensive patent application and claim drafting and prosecution strategies to maximize a client's commercial IP interests. Dennis has practiced patent and IP law at some of the largest IP/Patent firms in the country including Fenwick & West in Silicon Valley, California and at Nutter, McClennen and Fish in Boston, Massachusetts. Prior to his career in patent law, Dennis was an Applications Design Engineer at RACAL-REDAC, Inc. in Chelmsford, MA where he performed electronic circuit and systems design and developed software marketing applications. Dennis is also a skilled inventor and holds over 80+ issued US and foreign patents in the areas of digital television, sensor networks, and bioinformatics.

His IP practice includes many years of handling patent prosecution in complex technologies, including appeals, re-issues and re-examinations. His well-honed patent drafting and prosecution skills, attention to technical details, accuracy and overall performance quality result in high cost-effectiveness while efficiently gaining allowance of quality claims. His high-quality issued patent applications and in his track record of successfully overcoming difficult Patent Office Action rejections such as the recent onslaught of 35 USC 101 "Alice" rejections (that now often arise in software and computer-related inventions) enable Dennis to efficiently move client matters towards allowance while avoiding the frustrations of preparing inneffective responses require filing of Requests for Continued Examinations (RCEs) that are often encountered by less-experienced patent practitioners as used in other law firms.

Dennis works with clients ranging from Fortune-sized technology giants, cutting-edge mid-sized companies, technology and medical systems and device companies, many start-up entities and many venture capital firms nationwide. He handles patent work for many Silicon Valley technology companies large and small and is often in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay areas. He technical fluency extends across in a wide array of disciplines including medical devices and systems, software development, enterprise applications, Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems, hardware and computerized devices, nanotechnologies, data communications systems/protocols and wireless systems and networking devices, electronics/circuitry, semiconductor technologies, Internet/Cloud/Mobile/E-Commerce Apps, SaaS, Social Media and consumer engagement technologies, Big-Data/analytics, data security, database systems and design, storage, compression/decompression and encryption/decryption technologies, voice/data/video/mixed-media signal processing, business method and algorithm protection, environmental sensors, mechanical systems and devcies, robotics, guidance, navigation, autonomous vehicle control, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and many other technical fields. His experience often leaves inventors impressed by his underlying technical ability to quickly grasp and understand details of their innovations in many esoteric technology areas and to provide quality draft patent applications that often do not require significnat inventor revisions.

Dennis serves as a strategic advisor to several leading venture capital firms, including Sevin Rosen, Venrock, Charles River Ventures, and Walden International. He also serves on the Editorial Board of the Nanotechnology Law & Business Journal, the Board of Directors of the Association of Patent Law Firms, and the Science and Technology Advisory Council. Previously Dennis served on a consultancy with the United Nations Development Programme on Asian economic development. Dennis holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and a J.D. in Law from Suffolk University Law School in Boston. He is also is a Registered U.S. Patent Attorney before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and a Member of the Bar in Massachusetts and California.


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