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Chapin Intellectual Property Law has numerous clients in many areas of technology. We protect innovations in all technologies related to Computers, Software, Business Methods, Internet systems and software, Data and Voice Communications systems, Electronics, Medical Devices and systems, Instrumentation and Laboratory devices, Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical, Optics and Physics-based systems, Chemistry, Material Sciences, Micro and Nano-technologies and other high and low technology areas.

Since many of our professional staff have hands-on engineering experience in fields related to Software, Computers, Electronics and Mechanial engineering, we have an exceptionally strong client and technology base in those areas. The firm has an excellent client base of Who's-Who in the high technology arena and represents clients ranging from numerous Fortune 500 high-technology corporations to mid-sized and small companies, venture capital and investment firms, major universities, hospitals and non-profits, startup companies, and even independent inventors.

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Protecting Advanced Innovations in:
Business Methods
Medical Devices
Materials Science

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