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In 1999, after having worked for many years in the software, computer and electrical Patent and Intellectual Property (IP) Law groups at two of the largest IP law firms in New England, Barry Chapin started a patent and IP law firm that minimizes drawbacks common to many large firms. Such drawbacks include open-ended billing at inflated hourly rates, high attorney billable hour requirements resulting in overworked associates, high overhead rates and hidden fees and costs, long staff commutes and client travel to and from downtown Boston office locations, and staffing of matters with entry-level attorneys lacking experience or having inappropriate technical backgrounds. Since that time, the business model of the Firm has been to consistently provide clients with high quality work from experienced and efficient patent attorneys (we have no entry levels in the Firm) with a strong focus on attention to detail, technical understanding and responsiveness at a cost and at billing rates significantly below that of most large IP law firms.

The success of the firm was recently recognized by having its Founder, Barry Chapin, selected as a 2006 recipient of the prestigious "40 Under Forty" award by the Worcester Business Journal. The award recognizes a select group of leaders in the Massachusetts business community who are outstanding in their fields.

By providing a low-overhead, no-frills approach to IP law the Firm is able to maintain reasonable billing rates and control overall costs related to client matters while still providing a high quality work product. Investments into the Firm in critical infrastructure areas such as staffing and advanced law firm management, docketing and billing software allow the firm to remain very efficient at the practice of Intellectual Property law, without sacrificing quality or tight control of client matters and deadlines. Many of our clients have remarked that our quality of work, experience, responsiveness and attention to client matters equals or exceeds that of much larger firms, while our costs are significantly more in line with their business interests. Additionally, our suburban location provides easy access to the firm and to our clients and allows us to maintain a much lower overhead. This overall quality / cost / value proposition has resulted in significant growth for the Firm in both the number of clients and volume of work received from existing clients. By carefully managing this growth and volume, the Firm is able to maintain client and employee satisfaction.

Currently the Firm has ten (10) practicing patent professionals, all registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We have no entry levels. Prior to joining Chapin Intellectual Property Law, each of the Firm's professionals gained experience in patent and other areas of IP law from other law firms and/or corporations, including some of the largest and most prestigious patent law firms in the country. Additionally, each professional holds one or more technical degrees in areas such as computer science, electrical or mechanical engineering, mathematics or physics. Many professionals in the Firm have advanced engineering and/or business degrees such as Masters in Science and Masters in Business Adminstration degrees. We also have significant engineering and business work experience in fields such as software and hardware development, electronics, networking, Internet development, communications, mechanics, instrumentation and systems analysis and engineering.

Professionals in the Firm have also served in various capacities such as Corporate Patent Counsel for a large electronics test equipment manufacturer, Corproate Patent Counsel for a large Product and Chemical Development Company, Corporate Counsel for an Internet testing corporation, and founder and owner of a successful Internet development and consulting corporation. This combination of legal and business experience, technical know-how and overall efficiency allows us to provide top quality work and cover a variety of Intellectual Property related issues for our clients.

The Firm has an excellent client base of Who's-Who in the high technology arena and represents clients ranging from numerous Fortune 500 high-technology corporations to mid-sized and small companies, venture capital and investment firms, major universities, hospitals and non-profits, startup companies, as even independent inventors. Example clients include Cisco Systems, Inc., Oracle Corporation, EMC Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Adobe Systems Incorporated, Thermo Electron Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and others. We have numerous smaller corporations, startups and independent inventor clients as well.

Excellent client references concerning the Firm's work quality are available upon request from clients large or small. We protect innovations in all technologies related to Computers, Software, Business Methods, Internet systems and software, Data and Voice Communications systems, Electronics, Signal Processing, Medical Devices and systems, Instrumentation and Laboratory devices, Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical, Optics and Physics-based systems, Material and Chemical Sciences, and many other high and low technology areas.

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